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We have checked this internally in our environment and during the backup, we haven’t faced any signature error message like the one mentioned.

I have found a kind of similar error message while browsing through the support documentation of Microsoft. To resolve the issue Microsoft is suggesting to install the latest cumulative update and temporarily disable Secure Boot.

We recommend you to download and install the latest cumulative updates & patches and then try to configure the backup.

If you are still facing the same error even after the update, send us the screenshot of the error message & summary of your system information(Open using "msinfo32" command in Run) and the log folder of Vembu Integration Service as a ZIP to

On your Hyper-V host, you can find the log folder at < installation Location >\Vembu\VembuIntegrationService\log

For Example: C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuIntegrationService\log

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