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In order to understand the issue, we had referred your support escalations and noticed that earlier you had installed the BDR backup server on a NAS drive and that drive was crashed. So, while rebuilding the BDR backup server, our support team found the drive where the backup data stored was also corrupted and they recommended you to run CHKDSK to check the corruption status the disk.

Since the storage drive was corrupted, the backup job and other configuration related information stored in the backup database might have got corrupted. That is why after rebuilding the BDR backup server the backup configuration and other information were not properly listed in the GUI.

We will be able to help you to rebuild the Vembu BDR backup server only if you repair the disk/drive without losing the data blocks.

Normally, we recommend our customers to keep an additional copy of backup data in the same, remote location or any private/public cloud for disaster recovery purpose. If you have a copy of the backup data, that will also help in rebuilding the backup server.

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