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Vembu VMBackup uses VSS snapshots for backup, not checkpoints. We recommend you to create a manual snapshot for the VMs configured for backup using diskshadow utility.

Below are the steps to create a manual snapshot.

  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Type “diskshadow” and enter
  3. Type “set context persistent” and enter
  4. Typer “set verbose on” and enter
  5. Type “begin backup” and enter
  6. Type “ add volume < volume1>” and enter (Note: If the disk path is C:\disk.vhdx then the command will be “add volume c:\”. Repeat this step if you have multiple disks in different paths)
  7. Type “create” and enter.
  8. Type "end backup" and enter.

In case if the manual snapshot is successfully created using diskshadow utility, provide us the information of the volume along with details of the host operating system.

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