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We assume that you have configured hourly or daily incrementals for your backup job.

As per the design, if you have configured hourly backup, all the hourly backups of the 1st day are merged together and a single daily merged recovery point will be created on the 3rd day and all the hourly backups of the 2nd day are merged together and a daily merged recovery will be created on the 4th day, similarly it goes on for the successive days.

The retention process will start, once the number of daily merged recovery points count exceeds the value you set on basic retention. Since you chose 14 days in the basic retention, the retention process will start only when the 15th daily merged recovery point got created. The retention process is also the same for the daily incremental.

To verify the same, attached the screenshot of your recovery console in the same thread.

Also, read our blog Retention Policies – A Vembu’s Approach to know how the retention policies work with Vembu BDR Suite.

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