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Steps to Login to PostgreSQL and Connecting to SGDatabase

  1. Open the Command Prompt of Vembu BDR Backup Server with administrator privilege

  2. Type "psql -U postgres -p 32010" and Click Enter. It will ask you for the password, enter the password to login to PostgreSQL.

  3. Then type "\c SGDatabase" to connect to SGDatabase. After connecting to the SGDatabase, execute the below query

    "insert into PARTNERPROXYINFO values(1, 'proxyip', portno, 1 , 'username', 'password');"

    In the above query, the values of 'proxyip' & ‘portno’ are mandatory and 'username', 'password' are optional.

Enabling the proxy settings from the Vembu BDR web console is already on our roadmap and it will available in any one of our upcoming release of Vembu BDR Suite.

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