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Try to execute the batch file manually using the command prompt or terminal.

If you are able to successfully execute the batch file, Run the Vembu NetworkBackup service in command prompt or terminal and send the output as a text file to analyze further.

Follow the below steps to get the output of the command window

1) Stop VembuNetworkBackup service, if it is already running from “Services.msc” (if Windows) or “sh” from installation location (if Linux).

2) Open a Command Prompt (if Windows) or Terminal (if Linux) and navigate throuh the < Vembu NetworkBackup_Instllation > folder/directory and start the Vembu NetworkBackup service by executing the following command:

./bin/VembuNetworkBackup > sgoutput.txt (for a Linux machine)

bin\VembuNetworkBackup.exe > sgoutput.txt (for a Windows machine)

3) Now, login to your Vembu VembuNetworkBackup Web Console and try to run the backup job for which you configured Pre/Post Command

4) After the completion of the backup, Stop the Vembu NetworkBackup service and then attach the zip of sgoutput.txt file in the same thread. You can find the sgoutput.txt file in the "< VembuInstallationDir >\Vembu\Vembu NetworkBackup" folder/directory.

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