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This error will occur because of any one of the following reasons:

1.Vembu Virtual Drive not available on your backup server machine

In order to fix this error, Make sure you have Vembu Virtual Drive in the File Explorer of your backup server machine. If you don't find Vembu Virtual Drive on your backup server machine, Kindly provide full permission to the VembuBDR folder on the installation location and also make sure the VembuBDR service is running under an administrator account.

You can find the VembuBDR folder at < installation location >\Vembu\VembuBDR

For Example - C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuBDR

2.Improper mounting of previously attached temporary datastore from your ESXi Host.

Delete the temporary datastore of Vembu (created as VembuBDR_< BDR Server ID >) on the ESXi host in which you are trying to restore the backed up VMs by opening the storage console.

For example - If BDR Server ID is BDRServer391, then datastore created will be in the form - VembuBDR_BDRServer391

Try the above-mentioned methods to fix the error, if you are still unable to fix it, contact our support at with the log folders of Vembu BDR Server.

You can find the log folder of Vembu BDR Server at < installation Location >\vembu\vembuBDR\log

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