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This error will occur either in fresh setup [after fresh BDR installation] or in the existing setup.

If it is a fresh installation:

During the fresh installation, if the ODBC driver is not properly installed on the system, this error will be shown while login to the BDR backup server UI. To verify this case, search and open the both 32 and 64-bit ODBC Data sources and then click the 'System DSN' tab. Open the 'PostGreDBConnection' data source name and then do click on 'test' button to check the results.

If you see the failure status, check whether the username and password of the PostgreSQL are correct. Also, goto "C:/Program Files/Vembu/VembuBDR/conf" and open "SGConfiguration.conf" file. Then search for "ODBC" tag and check the username, password, database name variables of the PostgreSQL. If it is not correct, update with the right information.

If the data source name is not even listed, you need to uninstall the existing BDR setup and reinstall it. This issue might be occurred due to the intermediate problem during installation.

If the problem still exists after following the above troubleshooting steps, send us the zip of the installation log files from where the installation script file has been downloaded to our vembu support at




If it is an existing setup:

In the existing BDR backup server installation setup, this issue might occur either PostgreSQL is stopped unexpectedly or if it is reached the maximum number of socket connections. You can check the status of PostgreSQL [ServiceName: PostgreSQL] from the services [services.msc]. If it not running, start the service. If the process is already running, then to analyze this case further, send us the zip of the log folder available in the Vembu BDR installation location to our vembu support at

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