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You can restore the VMs backed up from one Hyper-V host to another Hyper-V host. For restoring the VMS to different Hyper-V host, follow the following steps.

  1. Go to Recovery Window of Vembu BDR Server
  2. Select the Backup job, which containing the VMs you have backed up
  3. Choose Live recovery to Hyper-V server as your recovery option
  4. Select the Restore Version
  5. Select the Desired VM(s) and click on Next
  6. Provide the Details of the Target Host(same host or different host), where you want to restore your backed up VMs(Target Host's UNC path, Host User Name, Host Password, RAM size and Virtual Image format as VHD or VHDX)
  7. Review the configuration and click on Restore Now, this will restore the backed up VMs to the target host

For more details, check our Hyper-V evaluators guide at

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