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Normally this error will occur if we are unable to connect to the given ServerName/IP Address.

In order to analyze the issue can you please send us the below details.

1) Output of the following command,


say for eg, net use \\\admin$

2) Are you trying to add Windows Server in the same machine (same Windows 2012 R2)? If yes, please try to give ServerName as 'localhost' while adding the host and let us know the result.

3) If you are trying to add a different Desktop OS machine as the Server, please install the VembuIntegrationService MSI manually in the desktop machine and then try to add the same machine in Vembu BDR Server. You can get the VembuIntegrationService MSI inside the <bdr_installation_path>\Packages\Client folder. Then let us know the results.

Please check the above and let us know the details.

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