December automatically brings up Christmas vibes. For us, those in the Backup & Disaster Recovery industry, March automatically brings “World Backup Day” vibes.

First things first. It’s not fair to proceed narrating the significance of backup day without mentioning its history.

World Backup Day (WBD) came into existence in 2011 by Reddit users to spread the awareness of backups and came up with an exclusive date to celebrate its necessity and importance – March 31.

That’s how was created and the campaign gained momentum.

For a moment, let’s forget all those reports, ransomware attack studies and theses which give excruciating statistics about backups, number of servers/workstations, data loss percentage by human error, natural calamity and many such categories.

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Instead, start simply by thinking about your IT infrastructure.

Calculate the data that you have in your mailbox, gallery, cloud/drive.

Think about the importance of every document, each attachment in the mailbox and that report you have painstakingly created to present in the next big meeting. Add to that the necessary data that sustains your infrastructure – databases, applications & configuration files, etc.

Analyze if you want to have a backup copy of these data.

At this point, I’m sure you would’ve nodded yes as you read that statement.

If you didn’t, you should probably do so because of the number of data protection laws and regulations that are coming up in every country. To comply with these regulations there is a necessity to have multiple backup copies.

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Follow the 3-2-1 rule for a happiness/tension-free ensured tomorrow:

  • Have at least three copies of data
  • Store the copies in two different media (disk or tape)
  • Keep one backup copy offsite

Choosing a comprehensive backup solution catering to backup & disaster recovery needs of diverse IT environments is vital. Also making sure it provides flexible deployment options like offsite, cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud is becoming increasingly essential.

A solution should primarily be simple to install and configure for efficient operations. A backup solution that is easy to use but has poor storage management options or a solution that backs up all your data but has only a single restore option is of no use. These are some of the factors you have to look into. A free trial version can help you identify.

When it comes to Vembu, the free edition of Vembu BDR Suite is free forever and works seamlessly with a set of critical functionalities that are part of the paid Enterprise edition.

Know more about free edition.

Along with all the security measures you have against data threats, you still need a backup copy in place because, it takes just one attack, one mistake or one disaster to wipe out all your data.

If you don’t have a backup solution in place, do it right away and if you have one (which is not Vembu), it’s okay you could still give a try at Vembu BDR Suite trial version and let us know how you like it.

And for those who are already using our product, Yaay!

You are the ones who inspire us to strive each day towards constantly developing a robust solution at pocket-friendly prices.


Have a productive World Backup Day!

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World Backup Day 2019
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