Backup is essential for business as well as home users as the home user has collection of pictures and digital music data. But from business point of view, they have server, virtual machine and official data. However, businesses must consider about backup because they have critical data to ensure continuity of business but home user is different. Everyone needs backup to protect the value data.

In current trend, the businesses perform backup by on-site and off-site and also cloud to keep the data safe. The strategy of backup is to protect from disaster as well and to recover the business data for business continuity. Every small medium business as well as enterprises are planning to improve the growth of organization by one step higher than current growth, but in such a case they also plan for investment of backup.

Investment of Backup can help businesses to protect from critical file loss, higher downtime, and the impact of business productivity. Most of the small medium business is out of game by losing a critical file. If you are confused for a backup plan and right backup solution, this article gives an overview.

Critical Data Loss:

Data loss can be occurred in various ways and they are power failure, server crashes, human error, hard disk failure and etc., If important data was lost for a short period of time or even permanently, can your business survive?

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Business Downtime:

When downtime occurs, the system can’t be accessed by employees and lack of productivity issues and also customer downtime has immediate and long-term financial consequences. If a data backup solution is in place, it’s faster and easier to get systems online and fully functional on an aggressive timeline.

Benefits of a Investment:

If systems go down, it’s possible to recover data and reconnect systems with less RPO & RTO. The financial impact of these choices can’t be overstated. Without investment of data backup plan, businesses face expensive and time-consuming processes to recover their information. If there is a plan for backup, the business did not worry about file lost and lag in business continuity. The investment of backup provide business continuity to improve the business growth.

In Backup market, most of vendors provide the backup solution to protect business. But Vembu has one of the affordable and agentless backup vendor to get back your business instantly.

Key Features of Vembu:

  • Instant Restore and Granular Recovery
  • Easy Replication
  • Onsite and Offsite Backup
  • Forever Incremental Backup
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery


Vembu VMBackup offers Agentless VMware backup and advanced Hyper-V backup as well as Physical Server backup for all type of business. Also, physical to virtual migration with very minimal RPO/RTO in data center management with our VMBackup.

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