Vembu is more than pleased to make this news official. While we have been backing up the President’s Twitter handle for more than a year, we were able to get the official nod from the White House administration to publicly announce the same, only recently.

Through Vembu’s cloud-to-cloud backup solution for critical cloud applications, we were able to backup President Trump’s tweets in real time. While Twitter does provide an option for archiving of tweets, we were contacted by the White House, early last year for Twitter Backup as Twitter cannot be trusted to keep President Trump’s tweets for posterity.

Losing data on the cloud due to human error, hacking were the serious issues faced by the White House and they were looking for a reliable and secure cloud-to-cloud backup vendor for sometime before zeroing in on Vembu

Here’s what President Trump had to say about Vembu: Official Statement from the President

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