Downtime of business is very hard to take by any organization. Many IT organizations still face business downtime. In today’s scenario, most of the business are virtualized. Some of the business are required to keep running the VMs 24/7. In case of disaster we need to run up all VMs quickly. For this business continuity we need the replicated copy of VMs.

What is VM Replication:
VM Replication is the process of creating a redundant copy of VMware virtual machine to another ESXi host in a ready-to-start state. Whenever the problem comes, you need to immediately power on the required VM. This process replicates the VM from the source ESXi host to destination ESXi host on the same network or off-site location.

Vembu VMBackup’s VM Power Replication makes VMware virtual machine replication easy with the simplest options. It replicates the VMs to target ESXi host and kept stored uncompressed format in order to support the native VMDK file format. So that we can booted it any time. In case of Disaster Recovery you can simply select the restore option to replicate the VMs.

With Vembu VMBackup business downtime are reduced and ensure that all your backups are secured. We are promising that RTO/RPO is less that 15 minutes. Also, we offer Hyper-V replication in same. Make a try on our 2 in 1 solution and you can perform backup and replication for secure your data and immediate failback in the case of disaster.
If you like to know more insight about Vembu VM Power Replication, please follow our user guide by clicking here.

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