Vembu’s VM Power Replication ensures high availability of VMware VMs.  VM Power Replication creates a redundant copy of VMs on another ESXi host in a ready-to-start state. This process replicates the VM from the source ESXi host to target ESXi host on the same network or off-site location.

Along with regular backup jobs, you can replicate mission critical VMs to get high availability. Clone VMs to a target ESXi host over a LAN for high availability and copy them to remote ESXi host over WAN for disaster recovery purposes. Both are available in ready-to-start state.

Vembu uses VMware’s VStorage API to create replication jobs. The selected VM is replicated to the target host and kept in an uncompressed format to support the native VMDK file format.

Normally, replication provides promising RPO and RTO. Since it maintains VMs in native VMDK format, it can be booted at any time.

Replication jobs can be created from Vembu VMware agent webconsole.  You can choose one or more VMs in a single replication job. To get near CDP, select the lower scheduling frequency.  After full data transfer, incremental jobs can be automatically scheduled based on the configuration.  Also, you can specify how many restore points you want to retain in the target ESXi host for the replication job.  During the retention configuration, you can define a retention policy. Based on the retention policy, Vembu BDR only keeps the specified number of restore points.

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During any disaster, you can failover the replicated VM in minimal downtime. Since the replicated VM is in a ready-to-start state, you can simply select the restore point and start the replicated VM. As per your recovery scenario, you can failover the VM temporarily or permanently. Once your source ESXi host is ready, you can failback the replicated VM to the source ESXi host.

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VM Power Replication – VMware
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