Mike Preston’s article on VembuHIVE provides an overview on Vembu’s own filesystem which has inspired other backup vendors to come up with their own file system for efficient storage management. VembuHIVE is an efficient cloud file system designed for large-scale backup and disaster recovery (BDR) application with support for advanced use-cases. It can be thought of as a File System of File Systems with in-built version control, encryption, deduplication and in-built error correction. So, you can use any combination of storage devices such as, NAS, SAN and directly attached storage as backup targets.

The article begins with the transformation of virtualization and how it has affected the current technological world and also how the file system plays a critical part in the performance of backups. Then the author draws a comparison between a real bee hive and VembuHIVE in an interesting way. He states that the key characteristic that makes it run is version control – where each and every file produced is accompanied by metadata controlling what version, or point in time, the file is from and how VembuHIVE works like GIT except for the fact that instead of source code, it tracks the changed block tracking. It treats all incremental backups as virtual full backups and also every data chunk within the VembuHIVE file system has it’s own parity file – meaning when data corruption occurs, it can reference the parity file in order to rebuild or repair the data in question.

The author has provided a detailed description of the functionalities of VembuHIVE and also concludes by saying that Vembu has made the right step by developing a purpose built, modern file system geared solely at data protection.

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