Vembu is providing a flat discount of 10% on Vembu BDR Suite as a part of the Halloween week celebrations.

Halloween and You

It’s a bright morning. The sun is up in the sky and you are all set to begin your day, right? That’s great and I know you’ve got a lot of stuff to cover today at the office so why delay, get going man.

8-hours later…

Woah, It was a hectic day. The reports for the last financial year is finally ready and is all set to be sent to the manager. All the customer requested product details are filed and should be mailed to them in a while. The online requests are steadily increasing and are to be responded immediately. Quite a productive day, good job buddy, keep going!

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Wingardium Leviosa! A strange voice pops out.

And the next moment, all your hardwares slowly rise. The monitor, keyboard, the NAS drive all are floating. Oh gosh! Look at your laptop which has all your favorite pictures and those videos of your recent holiday trip. You realize it’s because of the scary magical spell you heard.

And now the spell starts losing its energy and all the devices makes the reflex action to the gravity pull and ahhhhhhh! Crash! Confused you stand and BOOM! Your data center fumes.

Hang on pal, Happy HALLOWEEN!

Winters are here marking the beginning of the long dark and cold nights. 1st November is the day dedicated to honour the great saints and I hope you remember tonight the 31st October’s night is called the All Hallow Eve. Well yes, now it’s termed the Halloween. Ofcourse the superstitions over this day are long forgotten and it’s now all about fun and celebrations. You must be ready with costumes to dress like ghosts at the halloween themed parties.

Our ancestors spent this night waiting for the departed souls to return and some also allocated space in their dining tables for the souls to have food and the most important ritual was to discuss each others fortunes.

Fortune? Hey, coming back to the imagined scenario and taking the term fortune into consideration. Every businesses biggest fear in today’s digital world is the data loss and a major concern for future is business availability.

This could also be your situation but not due to spell though. Disaster are prone to happen anytime anywhere and data loss will lead your business into trouble.

Imagine your reports getting ready with so much efforts put in and you lose them in no time. If fortune telling was still a tradition, I believe the businesses would want to know about such disasters or data loss threats which are to happen. Makes sense right?

The business are surely aware of the fact that data loss is inevitable but still take chance by not deploying a backup environment. You cannot deny the fact how backups can turn this scary scenario into a situation which requires only a few minutes recovery. If your business feels minutes are too much then replicate your data to the target and get your business going without any downtime. Try Vembu BDR Suite for all your backups and disaster recovery purposes.

If you are an SMB worried about the expenses over a backup environment setup then this is for you, the Vembu BDR Essentials. Get all the fundamental features for your backup at half of the list price. This edition is applicable on business wanting to backup machines with less than 6 CPU Sockets or 50 Virtual Machines.

It’s HALLOWEEN and something needs to be extra interesting and here we are with 10% discount on all your new purchases of the Vembu BDR Suite, this halloween week. Its trick or treat present from Vembu to all the IT geeks out there, well this time without any pranks of course.

Concluding Thoughts

Vembu BDR Suite has everything covered for keeping your business always online. The latest version is all set and will be generally available soon with support to Hyper-V Cluster Backup and many more exciting features and upgrades. Set up your backup environment now.

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