Added data protection is highly critical for businesses to ensure business continuity and in order to facilitate the same, Vembu is pleased to announce the reduction of cloud storage fee up to 75% i.e from $.20/GB/month to as low as $.05/GB/month.

According to a recent survey conducted with multiple business decision makers and users worldwide, the number of organizations gaining competitive advantage through deployment to cloud has almost doubled in the last few years and by end of 2017, the public cloud services market is predicted to exceed $244 billion. While security is a major concern for businesses to move to the cloud, stringent security measures by cloud providers have convinced firms to opt for hybrid cloud deployment, more than ever. One of the biggest advantages of moving one’s data to the Cloud is the relatively limitless nature of storage. If one needs to store more or do more, you just pay a little extra for your additional usage and hence no hardware investment is required.

When it comes to cloud service for businesses, the stakes are higher as it involves critical data of customers. Hence businesses are careful about choosing the right cloud for the storage of their data. When it comes to cloud storage solutions, Amazon Simple Storage Service(AMAZON S3), Microsoft AZURE, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace, Dropbox are major players for enterprises & other businesses. Since it’s all about reliability and security, businesses might be apprehensive to look beyond aforementioned big players. Amazon S3 is a highly scalable solution but when it comes to small & medium businesses, opting for direct cloud storage might not be feasible enough.

At Vembu, we understand that businesses need to have multiple options for backup, based on their requirements and hence offer multiple deployment options. Vembu which is providing cloud storage hosting to small & medium businesses has slashed their cloud storage fee up to 75% i.e from $.20/GB/month to as low as $.05/GB/month. According to us, this will help SMBs to have another layer of protection for their critical data as per the backup policy set by the firms. With growing prominence for cloud storage for obvious reasons, firms can make use of Vembu’s pricing advantage and opt for cloud storage. Vembu also provides customized monthly & yearly subscription packages based on the need and usage of data by businesses. As one can see, higher packages do provide savings for businesses.

The detailed table of Vembu Cloud Storage Fee can be seen below:

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Vembu Cloud Storage Fee

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Vembu slashes cloud storage fee upto 75%
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