Chennai, India – Nov 23rd, 2016: Vembu, with more than a decade of experience serving Small and Midsize businesses, offering Backup and Disaster Recovery for all types of data centers globally will now be available in the United Kingdom through Opex-IT. Speaking about the partnership, Nagarajan, official spokesperson of Vembu commented, “We are extremely happy with the distributorship signed with Opex-IT. We firmly believe in our distributors and reckon that they would help us achieve our objectives more than we expect. Our first step would be establishing brand Vembu in UK with Opex-IT as our distribution partner and we would ensure that Opex-IT gets all the support needed from us”

Below are the excerpts from an interview with Zahid Anwar, Director of Opex-IT

a) Tell us briefly about Opex-IT?

Zahid: Opex IT Group was created as a ‘Next Generation Distributor’ working directly with disruptive, cutting edge technology manufacturers and partners to more effectively help customers benefit from the latest innovations.

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As a new breed of value-added, sales centric distributor; Opex Group specialise in the delivery of flexible, pay-as-you-grow solutions coupled with unparalleled levels of sales activity and business generation services for partners

b) What kinds of products & services you offer? Can you brief about that?

Zahid: The founders have considerable expertise in storage across mainstream and niche manufacturers so our initial focus is storage-related technologies including Zadara, the first storage vendor to offer a true consumption model, Data Resilience who produce a portable data centre-in-a-box based on the hyper-converged infrastructure from Scale Computing and an ultra-dense optical archiving solution from Alliance Storage Technologies. We’re also adding subscription-based security and identity/access management to our portfolio so Vembu is the perfect bridge between the two disciplines for our reseller partners.

c) What was the reason behind choosing Vembu as your strategic partner in your region?

Zahid: First, the Vembu BDR suite is feature-rich, high-performance and reliable. The software is more than capable of competing well with products that hold the largest market share today. Vembu provides a cost-efficient alternative without compromising on functionality, quality or performance. As a company, they are very agile and the channel team is one of the easiest to work with. The Opex Group approach also works well for vendors new to the region who want to gain rapid footprint and reference customers so we share the same goals.

d) What do you tend to achieve by partnering with Vembu Technologies?

Zahid: Our intention is to ramp business to show we can generate revenue with our model much more quickly than a traditional distributor. Vembu addresses a mainstream requirement and should enable us to expand our reseller base – we have already engaged the interest and support of a partner we planned to approach in our second stage of growth. This is a strategic relationship for Opex Group that will also allow our data storage resellers to grow their own income with a product that slots easily into their existing business.

e) Can you tell us briefly about your joint strategy along with Vembu in your Markets?

Zahid: Our plan over the first 3-6 months is to recruit and enable a set of partners in addition to our core network. We are already well-known among storage vendors and resellers so will quickly elevate visibility for Vembu to catalyse their own campaigns. We will also take part in events which have proved positive for us in the past such as IP-Expo in London last month where Vembu was very well-received. At the same time – we’re reaching out to selected resellers and integrators across Europe to lay foundations for Vembu to expand further in 2017.

f) What do you think are the challenges ahead for your business and how you would like to overcome them?

Zahid: The biggest challenges are those faced by any newcomer to the market: visibility and credibility. However, we have faced and overcome this many times in the past with niche storage products through an intensive sales focus leading to wins that motivate and secure the trust of partners to do the same. Our added advantage is having ready access to a good prospect base via our own salespeople installed in partner VARs meaning the ‘revolving door’ of limited attention from their account managers is no longer a problem.

About Vembu Technologies:

Vembu is a leading provider of a portfolio of software products and cloud services to small and medium businesses for more than a decade. Vembu’s vision is to make software and cloud services very affordable for the hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses worldwide.

Vembu’s flagship offering is the BDR Suite of products meant for on-premise, offsite, cloud backup and disaster recovery across diverse IT environments including physical, virtual, applications and endpoints. Vembu CRM Suite consists of products that addresses the needs of all customer facing teams including support, sales, marketing & social media engagement.

Since 2002, Vembu’s industry-recognized data protection solutions have delivered tangible value to more than 60,000 businesses worldwide through a network of 4000+ partners (MSPs/VARs & Resellers).

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