Vembu will be partnering with Distilogix to celebrate Partner’s Day and Customer’s Day at Millennium Plaza, Dubai on 22nd and 23rd May 2017 respectively where the agenda for Vembu is to address the modern data center challenges for small & medium businesses.

Data Center Modernization is something everyone talks about, these days. While it is a great step towards better business continuity, there are various factors which determine the modernization concept. Analyzing whether the data centers should be stand-alone, colocated or outsourced, learning how to consolidate infrastructure and operations within a data center or set of data centers and examining how a data center consolidation and modernization project will affect IT platforms and systems are something businesses should be acquainted with. One thing that we should apprehend in the evolution of the modern data center is that the facilities are gaining importance as energy efficiency and IT management have come to the forefront. Maximizing an organization’s resources is vital, and that means delivering more to facilities and equipment without expending more on staffing. There is a general forecast that during the next few years, 25 percent of all large and mid-sized businesses will address the power and cooling facility mismatches in their data centers with new IT systems and put a 75 percent cap on data center space used. So, there again is the crucial challenge of doing more and innovating while keeping budgets and spending under control.

When it comes to the data center for small & medium businesses, there are other challenges as well. While the budget is given prime importance towards managing IT infrastructure, scaling up, rise of various data threats, dynamic IT requirements etc are other challenges as well. If at all, we talk about business continuity, it is evident that most of the small businesses are not ready for a sudden disruption thus causing data loss. It has been observed that businesses who lose their customer data are bound to be closed within few months of such unprecedented event. Virtualization has certainly taken over the data centers but it should be noted that there are lots of businesses which do not have sophisticated data centers with lesser IT requirements. The need for continuity varies from business to business and it is unfair to state that all businesses must have a uniform data backup policy all over. Apparently, there are lots of firms who still use legacy backups while the rest of them have moved to a modern data center setup. Interestingly, modern data backup vendors have been saying that legacy environments are no more. Thus it can be said that such vendors have been selective about their customers.

Speaking more on the IT requirements of a small business, there are firms who do not have a backup policy not because they do not want to do it but also there are very few solutions in the market which can cater to the specific needs of such businesses. For example, a company XYZ wishes to do backup only file/folder of SQL and if they want to explore various backup options, there should be a solution which can offer multiple options as per the backup policy of the company. After a period of time, if the company would like to scale up their current IT infrastructure, they should not have to purchase a new solution for doing so thus saving high on their IT budgets. Vembu BDR Suite was developed on such use cases based on the specific requirement of businesses and service providers thus offering a portfolio of products for various needs.

Hence, businesses who wish to benefit from such a comprehensive product are welcome to know more and celebrate Partner’s day and Customer’s day on May 22nd and May 23rd respectively. Vembu along with Distilogix will be there to facilitate and address the aforementioned challenges at Millennium Plaza Hotel – Dubai.

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