Over the past few decades, Data is growing rapidly and continues to be the essential part of any business. Hence Data protection is becoming significant for every organization and that puts them in a situation to search for a solution that will ensure the data protection & continuity of their business operations at times of any disaster. Vembu BDR Suite is one stop solution that addresses the Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) needs of organizations of any size having Diverse IT requirements. Also, Vembu BDR Suite is a cost-effective solution that ensures Complete Data protection and thereby resulting in Business Continuity and High Availability.

We are extremely delighted to announce the release of Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 which is Generally Available(GA) now and is ready for Download from today. This new version of our flagship product offers manifold features and enhancements to meet the different needs of Diverse IT environments. The overall goal of the new version v3.9.0 is to provide advancements in terms of Storage, Security, and Data Restoration.

Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 release is distinct because a number of critical features are incorporated for maintaining business continuity and to function effectively for high availability of the data. Here are some of the key highlights of this release:

Tape Backup Support

Over the past decade, there are several misconceptions stating that Tapes are nearing its final days and will be dead in near future. But for many businesses, Tape storages still remain to be the critical part of data protection in their IT infrastructure. No matter old age or future, Tape will always be a perfect medium for archiving data on a long-term. Considering that in mind, Vembu extends a hand for Native Tape Backup Support for Image-based Backups (VMware, Hyper-V, and Physical Windows Servers & Workstations) providing an option for Long-Term Archival and Offsite storage. With this feature, IT environments can experience the best 3-2-1 backup strategy having 3 copies of backup in 2 medias(Disk and Tape) and 1 backup copy at offsite. Also, Vembu Tape backup Support meets the DR and Compliance needs of any size businesses providing efficient performance and reliability for the data stored in tapes

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Quick VM Recovery on ESXi host for Hyper-V and Windows Image Backups

In this technological era, even a minute of data is extremely important for business operations hence at times of data loss and unavailability, Data Recovery plays a crucial part. But the amount of time taken to recover the data is one of the biggest barriers for making the data available when needed. In the previous versions, Vembu has provided instant recovery capabilities only for VMware Backups from the GUI and for booting the Hyper-V and Windows Image Backups on ESXi host involves some manual steps. From this release v3.9.0, Vembu makes the instant recovery process much simpler and quicker than before by making the Quick VM Recovery possible on VMware ESXi from Vembu BDR backup server console for all image-based backups(VMware, Hyper-V and Microsoft Windows). Thus, Vembu lowers the Recovery Time Objectives of the organizations and provides quicker data regain and access.


Backup-level Encryption

Data hold sensitive information and it is certainly important to encrypt your data to protect it from security issues like unauthorized access. In order to provide protection for the data that are backed up, Vembu provides the ability to encrypt the data while creating a backup job. Each backup job that is configured from the distributed agents or through the Vembu BDR backup server is now highly secured through Backup-level Encryption. By using customized passwords, users will now be able to enable additional security for their backup jobs. And, the backup data can be restored/accessed only by providing the password. Thus, the data is encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized users.


Auto Authorization at Vembu OffsiteDR Server

The backup data is immensely important and needs to be protected at all times. There are situations where the backup data from primary server are transferred to the unknown secondary server due to human errors. This makes the sensitive backup data vulnerable. Also, the Vembu Cloud/Managed Service Providers, who offering DRaaS are often getting offsite copy request from unauthorized BDR backup servers. So in order to relieve from such errors, Vembu has made an effort to facilitate more security to the backup data that are transferred to the secondary site. Vembu has integrated Auto authorization feature into OffsiteDR server from v3.9.0. This lets only the registered BDR backup servers to connect to the OffsiteDR server. Vembu BDR servers are authorized through unique registration key generated at the OffsiteDR server. Thus, safeguard all your backup data even if they are transferred to offsite through Auto-Authorization at OffsiteDR server.


Pre/Post backup scripts

Many businesses are in a need to execute certain business logic before or after a backup job. But running these logics manually through scripts is difficult and is not feasible for organizations having multiple backup jobs running in their IT infrastructure. To make this process simpler, Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 provides a separate wizard in NetworkBackup, OnlineBackup and ImageBackup clients, where one can add a number of pre and post executable commands/scripts. This helps in automatically executing the added commands/scripts at specific stages based on the configuration and provides the ability to run the custom actions before/after the backup schedules.


Besides all the listed features, Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 has few interesting features like Windows Event Viewer Integration along with some Enhancements.

Also there are much more! Download Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.0 today and experience the best data protection for your environment along with these new features. https://www.vembu.com/vembu-bdr-suite-download/

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Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 – Generally Available from today
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