Vembu BDR Suite, the flagship offering from Vembu has been reviewed by multiple tech experts and analysts who commented that the solution responded really well in their home lab environments and suggested the solution to the businesses who are considering to change their current backup vendor for better scalability and a much affordable solution. Tzouvaras Kostas’s article in in a brief manner reviews the installation and configuration of backups.

The author begins his article by stating that IT Pro must has deploy good Backup software with the right design based on the requirements of the company to reduce or eliminate downtimes in any scenario and the author asks the question to the audience whether they are using the right backup software which can cover Replication, Failover Solution or Instant Recovery. The author is certainly impressed with the fact that the solution can restore a Virtual Machine from VMware to Hyper-V or opposite which he didn’t find the feature in any other Backup Software. The author lists the system requirements needed for the solution and begins the cruz part of the article by stating that the installation part is really easy and the user need to be advanced to complete it. The author then completes the installation part in no time by providing few steps and then moves to the configuration part where he creates and runs backup jobs for VMware/ESXi Servers. Since Vembu BDR Suite uses VMware APIs, there is no need to install separate agents on each client. Tzouvaras then provides the configuration steps in precise manner with explanatory screenshots. Then the author provides the configuration steps for Hyper-V Servers. Vembu BDR use CBT (Changed Block Tracking) Technology for Incremental Backups. CBT is a file system filter driver which tracks the changed data blocks of Hyper-V VMs in between the incremental backup schedules. So Hyper-V Backups completes in minutes because transfers the modified incremental data blocks rather than the complete differential data from last successful full backup. The author then provides the step-by-step process of creating and running backup jobs of Hyper-V servers.

The author in his closing lines comments that after trying Vembu BDR for Backup in Esxi and HYPER-V environment, he found it to be a very good tool for your Backup Solution. It’s very easy in installation and the user interface is very simple.

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