Ever since, Vembu BDR Suite was introduced an all-in-one solution for virtual & physical environments to address the multiple requirements of a datacenter, the solution has been reviewed and written about, by many independent technology experts and analysts. Preetam Zare’s article “Vembu Backup options” is one among the series of articles written by the author about the multiple dimensions of the Vembu BDR Suite v3.6. The article by taking a neutral view applauds the solution as one of the fastest growing and prevalent solutions in the Backup & Disaster Recovery market.

The article begins by precisely explaining various backup options offered by the solution. The solution is primarily aimed at virtual environments like VMware, Hyper-V and physical environments. Vembu BDR Suite offers free desktop/laptop backup and also talks about granular level recovery offered by the solution. For granular level recovery, Vembu offers a free tool namely, Vembu Universal Explorer for recovery of applications and also is a part of Vembu BDR Suite. The tool can be installed on any machine but it is generally preferred that the tool is with the Vembu BDR server.

Online Backup also known as Hybrid Backup is also part of Vembu BDR Suite which is more suitable to fight against disasters. Online backup is good alternative to local backups because they allow data backups to be secured off-site without hassles of shipping removable media e.g. Tapes. Apparently, Vembu BDR Suite offers two options in hybrid deployment, where a solution by which you can replicate your backup data to your own offsite/cloud is called as Vembu OffsiteDR, and the solution where you can replicate backup data to the public cloud is referred as Vembu CloudDR. Finally, a backup solution for fastly evolving SaaS applications, called as Vembu SaaSBackup.

The author in his article then talks about the much needed factors for business continuity namely RPO & RTO and how Vembu BDR Suite offers near-CDP of 15 minutes. Vembu BDR Suite also has Automatic Backup Verification feature which is better than other backup vendors as per the opinion of the author. Storage management is crucial for any backup solution and since Vembu has its own in-house File system called VembuHIVE, it ensures efficient storage management by storing data in chunks of 100 MB. This approach allows high write speed and maximum throughput. VembuHive also has in-built error correction, encryption, compression and so on. Finally, the author concludes by talking about the storage repository sizing, also uses a calculator and states that 50% of storage repository sizing is much lesser than the industry standards.

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Vembu Backup Options – An article by Preetam Zare of vzare.com
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