We are glad to announce the release of Vembu Backup for AWS( Beta). Vembu’s flagship offering, Vembu BDR Suite now supports a simple, agentless and cloud-native backup & recovery solution to protect your AWS EC2 instances.

With more than a million businesses deploying computing workloads in Amazon Web Services as EC2 instances, AWS has become a global leader in the Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service market. This means a lot of critical data and workloads are now available in the public cloud.

To clearly define the data protection policy of the organization and the customers, AWS has a Shared Responsibility Model. As per the model, AWS protects the entire cloud, while the customers are responsible for the data in the AWS Cloud. This means customers should be protecting their AWS resources in the cloud from data threats like accidental file deletion and malware attacks.

While protecting their data, customers should also be planning for backup, versioning, archiving, retention, and recovery of their AWS EC2 instances. This is where Vembu, with its 15+ years of experience in data protection, delivers an easy-to-use backup solution for your EC2 instances.

What is Vembu BDR Suite – Backup for AWS?

Vembu BDR Suite performs agentless backups of your AWS EC2 instances by leveraging Amazon APIs to manage snapshots. By launching a Vembu BDR Backup Server instance in your AWS Account using the Vembu CloudFormation template, you can schedule backups of the instances running in the same account or in any other AWS Account.

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All the snapshots (restore points) of the target instances will be stored in the same account from which they are backed up. When the need arises to restore an instance or multiple instances from a particular restore point, you can recover and launch the required instances in the same account instantly.

Vembu Backup for AWS (Beta) – Key Functionalities:

Agentless Cloud-Native Backup

Vembu BDR Suite uses AWS APIs to backup your EC2 instances. This means, no agent needs to be installed in the target instances to perform backups. With agentless backups, protecting your EC2 instances is as easy as adding your AWS account and creating the backup job in less than 2 minutes.

Automatic Backup Scheduling

You can schedule backups on a minute/hourly, daily or weekly basis to ensure automatic backups of your instances. After an initial full backup, the subsequent backups are performed as incremental snapshots thus reducing the backup time and the storage costs.

Flexible Backup Retention

You can set a retention limit to define the number of incremental snapshots to be retained in your Elastic Block Store (EBS). You can then restore the instance or a volume from an older point-in-time to quickly recover lost data.

Application-Aware Processing

If you are backing up instances with MS Applications like MS Exchange and MS SQL, there is a chance of data corruption if the snapshot is taken when the application writers are not in a stable state. With Vembu, you can choose to quiesce the application to ensure the application writers are stable before taking the snapshot.

Pre/Post Scripts

You can run custom scripts in the form of batch files before and after every backup job using Pre/Post Scripts. For example, when you backup instances that do not have MS Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), you can prepare the application into backup mode by performing pre-freeze (quiescing the file system) and revert it to the initial state by performing post-thaw operations to ensure application-consistency.

Instance Recovery

If you wish to recover a crashed instance, or if you wish to launch 10 instances from the same restore point for a larger deployment, you can recover the backup instance to the same account instantly. From the snapshot of the backup instance, a new Amazon Machine Instance Image is created and registered. This AMI is then used to launch the recovery instance allowing you to instantly restore operations after a data loss event.

Volume Recovery

Instead of launching a new instance every time you want to recover, you can also recover only the required backup volume and attach it to the same instance. You can also recover the backup volume by changing the volume type, capacity and target device along with the volume Attach Behavior to be executed.


You will get exhaustive reports about the overall backup and recovery operations and step-by-step status of each backup job in the activity logs. This will give you complete visibility over your backup jobs and their performance.

Be an early adopter and avail discounts up to 50%!

Vembu Backup for AWS is currently in Beta. We’re looking forward to your feedback to improve the product. Try now and avail the early adopter discount of up to 50% that you can use with our final release.

In our upcoming releases, you can expect features like file-level recovery, cross-region disaster recovery, EBS volume level backups, and backup support for VPC settings and a lot more.

Meanwhile, you can get started with Vembu Backup for AWS (Beta) using Vembu’s CloudFormation Template.

Note: Since its a beta release, we recommend using it in a test environment.

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