Vembu BDR Suite is an universal solution for all backup and disaster recovery needs across the diverse IT environment. The different products under the BDR Suite cater to the needs of IT Administrators in sophisticated data centers to service providers managing small business IT. After receiving a gold award(4.5/5) from virtualizationadmin, Vembu BDR Suite v3.5 was reviewed by Vladan Seget for ESXvirtualization. The detailed Product review of Vembu BDR Suite v3.5 by Vladan Seget talked about the comprehensive features of Vembu BDR Suite v3.5 ranging from its installation to backup & recovery process.

In his article about product review of Vembu BDR Suite, Vladan Seget, begins his review with an introduction to the Vembu portal and the installation options available to the user namely online and offline installation.

In his first part of article, Vladan explains about the easy installation process of Vembu VMBackup and how he is able to backup a VMware vSphere VM, monitor backup progress and restore a VM with straightforward and hassle-free steps. In the later part of the article, Vladan explains about Microsoft Hyper-V backup, Vembu’s proprietary filesystem – Vembu Hive, a file system of file systems and also about Vembu ImageBackup – a software product for physical servers/workstations and most importantly, the recovery options available for the same.

The final part of the article contains the information about free tools available with Vembu BDR Suite and the conclusion section where Vladan has stated that how Vembu can cover a wide range of businesses from simple technological setup to complex hundreds of machines. The USP of the product is that it serves those who are looking for a complete Backup/DR solution with an unified UI.

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