Service Providers are critical to any business when it comes to establishing a brand’s footprints across the globe. Providing the right solution to the customers in every aspect becomes their top priority. It’s obvious that the pricing of the backup software would be the first aspect considered when a customer analyses a solution for his data centers. With this year seeing a remarkable rise in the threats to data like ransomware attacks, businesses are very keen to safeguard their data centers and turn up to the service providers who promise a range of solutions.

With New Vembu Service Provider Program, there lies a huge benefit for SPs like Managed Service Provider (MSP), Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Application Service provider( ASP), Hosted Service Provider (HSP) or anyone who is involved in IT solution delivery who offer Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to the customers. We at Vembu, share their responsibility for ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster with lesser downtime possible. Apparently, Vembu is providing higher price discounts for all types of service providers with this new program.

While being targeting the welfare of customers, Vembu understands very well what Service Providers mean. As an MSP, you would want to increase your margins. Vembu is one place where there is a huge opportunity to grow revenue and provide more value to your customers is within the backup software market. Your importance being dealt with profuse benefits, Vembu Service Provider Program is to be renowned. Here’s list of takeaways on to why any service provider should sign-up this strategic alliance for enjoying the long-term growth in this technological era.

Key Technology Benefits for Service Providers

Something for Everyone

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Vembu provides a one-stop Backup and DR solution which satisfies all your customer data protection needs. Using Vembu BDR Suite of Products, user can backup all Physical and Virtual machine (VMware and Hyper-V) environments. All Windows, Linux, Mac data and other MS applications and databases. Also providing cloud solutions to make it easy for SPs to extend their backup infrastructure to the cloud. Also, Vembu helping SPs to have a Disaster Recovery solution in their on-site/off-site or cloud locations that can reduce services downtime from hours to minutes. Vembu provides stern RTO and RPO, which allow businesses to keep their critical data and applications up and running at all times.

Pricing Discounts for SP

Vembu provides lucrative discounts for Service Providers to grow their business and increase their revenue. By signing up for Vembu Service Provider program they can get many benefits of Vembu Backup solution which also includes a significant pricing discount on pre-purchase on Vembu BDR Suite of Products.

Monthly Based License

Create a new revenue stream to replace one-off license purchases with Vembu’s monthly rental pay-as-you-go licensing model for Service Providers. It’s a definitely should be a flexible way for your customers to pay only for the solution that they are using on a monthly basis and which eventually will reduce the storage and backup costs.

Multi-tenancy (Group Management)

This multi-tenancy feature enables you to create and manage a number of tenants (customers) in segregated environments under one single server. A multi-tenancy feature called Group Management allows the SPs to group their customer’s backup job data at regular intervals and will also give their tenants the access to their own environment to protect their servers and configure recovery tasks. It’s a notable feature that provides security and privacy that only the tenant registered under that particular account will be able to access the status of the backed up servers with complete detailed reports.

Centralised Management

Vembu provides luscious service to the Service providers by providing Vembu BDR360 tool. It’s a Centralised Management & Monitoring and Reporting tool specially designed for Service Providers to know the status of their client’s Backup Servers and backup jobs configured to it.

  • Vembu BDR360 provides dedicated set of various types of reports like VM-level report, Image Verification report, Calendar based report. With these reports, SP’s can manage their individual clients backup status effectively
  • The health status of each backup can be viewed from Dashboard and each system’s CPU and Disk usage can be monitored from the console itself for proper capacity planning
  • It also provides Instant Notifications and Email Alerts about the status of backup jobs

Centralised Portal Management

This portal management will aid customers with large and growing vaults to more efficiently manage a distributed environment. Vembu has a centralized license management portal to allocate licenses to the customers and helps service providers to view all their purchases, leads, registered accounts and personal information within their own personalized portal which helps SPs to manage all customers billing and invoicing from a centralized location.

Complete Protection

At Vembu, we strive for customer delight and thus provide a backup solution to give an ultimate protection for all your customers’ data. Vembu secures the data with inbuilt end-to-end Encryption using the AES-256 algorithm. It also delivers inbuilt Compression and Deduplication for eliminating data redundancy. Thus, before the data is stored it is encrypted, compressed and deduped which helps the Service Providers to keep their customers’ data safe.

That being said, it’s just a small reminder that you are one step away from choosing the right backup solution. When all the gateways to the most comprehensive solution for your modern data centers are open, why wait? Know more about the service provider program by clicking here.

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