One of the most awaited virtualization events of the year has come to an end!

With countless attendees, enthusiastic audiences, informative interviews, and exciting giveaways, VMworld US 2019 has been a great success for our team.

Now it’s time for us to share the key takeaways from the event!

2019 has been an important year for the backup and disaster recovery market. Businesses have begun to understand the importance and cruciality of having a recoverable backup of their data. The problem arises when users look for a comprehensive backup solution that covers all their backup requirements but also within their budget.

Keeping all such difficulties in mind, Vembu has come up with multiple packages which can cater to all the budget and feature requirements of Small, Medium and Enterprise organizations.

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VMworld US 2019

Vembu BDR Suite – Free Edition is designed especially for businesses that run on a minimal budget and cannot spend a fortune on backup software. With the increase in need and demand amidst end users, Vembu has announced a new update of the providing full-feature support up to 10 VMs from 3VMs in our Free Edition. Also, businesses can still back up unlimited VMs, unlimited physical servers & workstations with limited features. Thus, with Vembu BDR Suite Free Edition, businesses can protect their physical and virtual environments completely and for free!

For businesses who need a solution to protect their entire infrastructure without any feature restrictions as well as that is available within their budget, they can choose Vembu BDR Essentials. This is an exclusive package with enterprise-level features designed to protect virtual environments – VMware and Hyper-V, having up to 10 CPU sockets or 100 VMs.

All of them available well-within their budget! This is why Vembu has been the first choice for many IT admins to protect their organization.

Our Free edition and BDR Essentials have been a great hit among the booth visitors and they all had one question in common – How could Vembu provide such an enterprise-class backup solution affordable for all?

That’s entirely possible because of our goal – Data Protection for all and we have been striving to achieve it!

VMworld US 2019

Our attendees comprised of Virtualization experts, IT/Sysadmins and some solution providers who would want to partner with us. All of them were left intrigued by hearing about our product’s features, pricing and wanted to know more about our future roadmap.

Our experts also shared the features available in our next major release that included Cloud-native AWS EC2 Backup, Snapshot based backups, Spin the backed up VMs on AWS and much more. They were pleased to know that we offer Storage Snapshot Backup for major hardware vendors at affordable pricing.

Vembu is also happy to announce that Vembu BDR Suite will soon provide support backup to protect VMware VMs in Azure in our near-future release.

Here’s a video of Nagarajan Chandrasekaran, Vice President, Product Management, Vembu BDR Suite with a leading vExpert – David Marshall, discussing the latest updates from Vembu and also Manickam Ramasamy, Technical Manager, shows a live demo of working of Vembu BDR Suite.

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