VMUG UserCon, Cincinnati was a great wrap up to this year’s events for us at Vembu. Having met more than 1000s of people across the 20 VMUG events we took part in, Cincinnati was equally successful in giving us great exposure and an opportunity to introduce Vembu BDR Suite to many VMware enthusiasts in the region.

These events are a great gateway for independent VMware users to meet similar enthusiasts in a community forum, while getting valuable featured talks from industry experts, sneak peek of the latest features of VMware and meeting VMware technology vendors that can help with their IT infrastructure management and data protection.

As for Vembu, these have been the events where we have demoed our latest offerings, listened to the user pain points and challenges and brought a pile of notes/insights back to our engineering team. There we’ve prioritized, tweaked or in some cases, completely revamped the entire feature to give a better experience for the user while taking up the feature performance up a notch.

This time, we presented our recently released version – Vembu BDR Suite v4.1.0 and Beta version of Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup v2.0 to the attendees garnering us a great reception.

Vembu BDR Suite v4.1.0 – new features:

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  • Hyper-V Incremental Backup using RCT
  • Application-Consistent Backup for Oracle
  • VMware Backup Proxy
  • Backup support to Scale-out File Server
  • System Files Exclusion
  • Integrity Check Management

Along with these new critical features, Vembu BDR Suite v4.1.0 also has few enhancements and bug fixes. You can know more about this in detail here.

Vembu Office 365 & G Suite Backup v2.0 (Beta) comes with new features like on-premise deployment, file retention and OneDrive support for all users. Along with these features, users can now backup their Office 365 & G Suite user data to local storage and to Vembu Cloud as per their requirement.

The conversations with the attendees were mostly around the best practices of data protection, their challenges that can be tackled with a more advanced-yet-simple backup & disaster recovery solution.

Apart from that, our revised prices garnered more attention too! Now you can backup your data with the same enterprise-level features at an even more affordable cost. Find our new pricing here.

The event and the entire year has been a rewarding opportunity for us to educate more users about better ways to protect their machines, applications and, by extension, their businesses. It has also helped us build a best-in-class backup software that eliminates user woes with surgical precision without any tradeoff or compromise on the overall product experience.

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