It was yet again a fantabulous day at Philadelphia.

We are slowly getting accustomed to the fact that technologists are giving phenomenal reviews at each event for Vembu BDR Suite.

Every product in any category will have a USP; A unique factor which gives more weightage to that particular vendor over all others.

When it comes to Backup & Disaster Recovery, there are multiple players focussing on different areas thus positioning themselves powerful with any one factor.

It’s Vembu BDR Suite that covers all criticalities like affordable pricing, features & functionalities that fits businesses of all size and types. Until this point, our goal was to fine-tune the product, as we wanted to offer a robust solution at a competitive pricing point. Henceforth, it’s going to be all about reaching out to our users.

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Attending multiple events along with hosting our exclusive Vembu Roadshow this year we are more focused on networking and building an effective relationship with like-minded people.

VMUG is one such platform that never fails to amaze us. We are thankful to the community for acknowledging Vembu BDR Suite’s potential and this energy gives us a boost to achieve more.

This VMUG – Philadelphia, we witnessed many geeks attending our live demo sessions and raising queries eagerly trying to understand the difference between Vembu & other vendors.


Further, our experts discussed our product’s roadmap & our exclusive package – Vembu BDR Essentials.

Here is a snippet of what BDR Essentials consist of – “It is designed for small businesses to considerably reduce their backup expenses and is suitable for businesses having up to 10 CPU Sockets or 100 VMs to protect their VMware & Hyper-V VMs”

Vembu is now stepping into the mid-market having mid-businesses specific features inline on our next release. Following are the features that are in-store for mid-businesses: Cloud-native backup for AWS EC2 instances, Storage-level snapshot backup, Cloud Spin for on-premise VMs, Hyper-V Replication and more.

After a series of discussions and an insightful explanation, attendees were convinced that Vembu is indeed acing the game and acclaimed “Vembu as the only alternative to the widely popular High-Availability vendor”.

Once again we thank all the VMUG attendees.

Our team is next heading to Orlando on June 13, to host our next Roadshow.

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We look forward to connecting with you.

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