And the most awaited event – MS INSPIRE, Las Vegas held from July 14 – 18 has come to an end. Now that it’s time to derive the takeaways from the event.

Microsoft Inspire conference is held annually for its partner community where they meet to connect, collaborate and celebrate. At this event, Microsoft partners are taught about Microsoft’s roadmap for the upcoming year, experience the latest product innovations, learn new skills & techniques.

Vembu being the Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft took part in MS INSPIRE 2019. This event was an incredible opportunity for us to strengthen our partnership with Microsoft while finding new opportunities for networking, and creating partnerships for our company.


Having had 4000+ partners across the globe, we know how important and effective channel partnerships are to build the business as well as our product with their feedback.

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And, this event was the perfect platform for us to meet many Microsoft Partners from all around the world. Our experts engaged with the INSPIRE participants who dropped by our booth #1505 and had a one-to-one meeting discussing our flagship product – Vembu BDR Suite and our Vembu AcePartner program.

Here is an insight into Vembu BDR Suite & Vembu AcePartner Program:

The technology evolution, voluminous data, and expanding threats have increased the necessity and need for data protection and data backups. So, it’s safe to say that Backup & Disaster Recovery market is in its best phase now!

Vembu is one such provider which has been striving towards building a robust and affordable Backup & Disaster Recovery product with the goal of developing a comprehensive solution – Vembu BDR Suite to address the various data protection needs of your IT environment (Virtual, Physical & Cloud).

Delivering Vembu BDR Suite across the globe for businesses of all sizes & type is obviously made possible with the support of our Channel Partnership. Participating in MS INSPIRE gave us the business-building opportunity which is definitely helpful in achieving our milestone to expand our market reach wider than ever.

Our team discussed with the partners about the Backup and DR market, how it is going to evolve over time and the new channel opportunities that will come up with businesses becoming increasingly data conscious.


Vembu AcePartner Program provides a truly transformative opportunity for Partners.

Vembu Partner Program offers high margins, advanced training, and personalized services with our best marketing, sales, and technical support. We also provide increasing levels of marketing and financial incentives as your commitment to the program increases.

Since the event was more focused on Microsoft technology, partners were more interested in specifically knowing how they can leverage Vembu BDR Suite to cater to Microsoft environment.

Below is a glimpse on it:

Together with Microsoft (our Technology Alliance partner), we are able to deliver the most comprehensive data protection – extending on-premises data protection for virtual (Hyper-V VMs) and physical workloads (Microsoft Windows), to the cloud – Microsoft Azure, Office 365.

Vembu BDR Suite supports:

  • Host-level backup to protect Hyper-V virtual machines on Cluster, CSV, and SMB shares
  • Image-based backup for physical Windows Servers, Workstations, and Azure VMs
  • Office 365 Backup – Mails, Calendars, Contacts & Onedrive

There are multiple recovery options for each backup targeting various use cases from Instant VM Recovery, Granular Recovery of Files/Apps to cross-platform migration (P2V, V2V).

Vembu also provides the flexibility to backup & replicate the data to offsite location which can be either your own data center or Vembu Cloud or any Public Clouds like Azure, AWS, Google.

Whether you are a Distributor, Reseller, Service/Solution Provider, or System Integrator, becoming a Vembu Partner will significantly enhance your service capabilities allowing you to offer cutting edge unified data protection solution – Vembu BDR Suite and gain a competitive edge thus building recurring revenue.


Further, many of our conversations were revolving around our product’s upcoming releases and our price-point advantages.

This is where Vembu BDR Essentials was brought into the discussion.

Though the importance of data protection has penetrated far among every business. But it still remains unaffordable for many small businesses. Considering this, Vembu designed an exclusive package – Vembu BDR Essentials specifically to cater to the data protection needs of small businesses. With this package, they can protect their virtual environment – VMware & Hyper-V having up to 10 CPU Sockets/100 VMs without compromising on features and saving their backup expenses as well.

Thereafter, our product expert gave a sneak peek into our roadmap. Our upcoming release focuses on catering the need of mid-businesses thus meeting their feature requirements like cloud-native Agentless backup and recovery of AWS EC2 Instances, cloud replication feature to spin your backed up VMs as instances in AWS and Azure, Storage-level snapshot backups and more.

By bringing enterprise-level features in a comprehensive solution, we are now making our presence in the mid-business market with our trademark – Affordable solution. This has garnered the insider’s interest.


The event was filled with great moments. From the massive audience that enthusiastically visited our booth, the fruitful discussions that ensued, the partnerships made and exciting freebies that were given. Amidst all these, we heard one common phrase from all the attendees- “Vembu is the only alternative to the highly expensive vendors catering to the small and mid-business segment”

This kind of positive feedback has further reinforced our core objective of delivering a Backup and DR solution that you can choose to protect your environment without compromising on features or increasing the budget.

Once again, we’d like to thank all the attendees, whose enthusiastic participation made this event a massive success.

Many follow-up actions have already been planned, and we can’t wait to further engage & collaborate!

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