Our team of product experts recently attended the Data Connectors – conference on cybersecurity at New York City on August 1.

Having been simplifying data protection with our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions in over 100+ countries with 4000+ partners, we are celebrated as a comprehensive backup solution – Vembu BDR Suite that is offered at affordable pricing among the SMB market.

Being a partner of Starlink – a leading IT compliance and next-gen threat driven solutions provider, we presented Vembu BDR Suited at the event.

Our team met IT professionals at this conference that also witnessed security experts giving features talks on cyber-security concepts like Ransomware, password protection and security strategies for future infrastructures and their operational processes.

Data Connectors conference

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Data protection and cybersecurity although different, go hand-in-hand to protect organizations.

Cyber-security involves protecting entire cyber/IT infrastructure from unauthorized access or other words data threat actors. This includes password protection, firewall and other vulnerabilities that could expose data for corruption, modification or deletion.

Data protection, on the other hand, is just protecting your organization from data loss. The threat actor could be a malware or even just accidental deletion. That’s why having a backup of your data has always been the first step towards data protection and the last line of defense.

Our experts presented our flagship product Vembu BDR Suite that is designed to protect data across hybrid IT environments which includes Physical (Windows, Linux, Mac) and Virtual (VMware, Hyper-V).

While discussing the commoditization of data protection, our exclusive package Vembu BDR Essentials was the most talked about among the attendees. Offering all the features at an affordable price, this empowers small & medium businesses to use advanced backup & recovery features.

Data Connectors conference

While we have been making the pricing more affordable for small businesses, we have been adding enterprise-level features to our roadmap. Some of the features you can find in our upcoming releases are:

  • Storage-level snapshot backup
  • Cloud-native AWS EC2 Instance Backup
  • Ability to spin-up cloud VMs from the backup data

And a lot more!

After having a live demo of the product and a conversation with our team, all the attendees said the same response – “Vembu is the only alternative to the High-Availability vendor in the market”.

It was great meeting all the IT professionals and learning about them.
We hope to meet more in the upcoming events.

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Thank you for the successful day at Data Connectors – New York
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