When most backup products are busy complicating the protocols involved behind managing backups in the name of advanced integrations. Vembu made sure to simplify the process and in the meantime improve the performance with so called advancements in the field of servers and storage.

For those IT administrators and SMBs managing datacenters, Vembu BDR has already simplified the way you configure disk image backups of your physical servers. If you’re not aware of it, below is the video to configure backups in a 5 step process:

Configuring disk image backups with Vembu BDR is 5 steps away

For those who’ve already get started with backing up your physical servers, here is another video that narrates how your restore procedure been simplified.

Let your backup configured machine be from any server environment(a physical server or a virtual machine from a Hyper-V/VMware environment); Vembu BDR offers the facility to restore your backups in multiple formats that promise migrations between different environments is simplistically possible with Vembu BDR.

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Supported restore formats are:

  •   VHD
  •  VMDK
  •  VHDX
  •  Raw format(img)
  •  VMDK.Flat

Watch below video, to learn how to get started with disk image restores with Vembu BDR:

To learn more about Vembu BDR, visit: VEMBU BDR

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