Pritam Zare is a consistently awarded vExpert since 2012 and has written a series of articles on Vembu BDR Suite’s various features. His recent article, “Replication using Vembu” talks briefly about the much needed replication feature for businesses in the times when business continuity tops the list for smooth operations of any business. With data becoming vulnerable with every passing day, replication to a DR site has become more than necessity.

The author begins his article by pointing out the similarity between Vembu and host-based replication feature of VMware and also stressing on the rising prominence towards the concept of offsite. He then provides simple and quick steps of the entire replication features. The first step is selecting VMware vSphere from the replication tab which will redirect to Manage VMware vSphere Server screen Replicate Now option should be chosen. The author mentions that selecting VMs and disk exclusion option is similar to the backup process. The next step involves selecting the backup frequency, where replication frequency can be set to 15 minutes to 24 hours, daily or weekly. Step four involves a screen where configuring DR recovery server. The next step involves a critical step where IP address needs to be same or another. In case, replication is done to the same vCenter server, the step can be skipped. Finally the configuration is reviewed and the replication job is run, where the author comments that full Replication job of 40GB takes 10 minutes to finish.

At the later half of his article, the author talks about the recovery of replicated VM. To recover VM, you have to go Manage Replica which is in Recovery Tab. The second step involves the options for DR scenarios. The author selects the option failover for his test scenario and initiates the failover after reviewing the restore job. Finally, the author concludes by saying that VM based replication is premium to the clients who wish to protect data as well ship it offsite. It is very beneficial when a product has the capability to serve multiple purposes.

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Replication using Vembu – An article by Preetam Zare
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