In this blog, we shall talk about the top metrics used to measure customer support and steps taken to ensure efficient customer experience for customers who contact the technical support team of Vembu.

Tech support is considered to be a crucial part of any business which deals with technology, be it as simple as a basic mobile app or as complicated as a defence mechanism. Technology is never meant to be complex as it is perceived by many. The reason quoted by experts stating that any technology is meant to make lives simpler. Hence, for every customer incident or ticket raised, technical support should provide a resolution which is complete and does not encourage re-occurrence of the issue.

Top Support Metrics used by Vembu:

Average First Reply Time

First Response Time or First Reply Time is defined as the number of minutes, hours, or days between when a customer submits a support ticket and when a customer support executive provides an initial response. It indicates how long a customer has to wait before being helped.

Below are the observations for Average First Reply Time metric of Vembu Technical Support:

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  • First reply time of Vembu for email support is lesser than 30 mins
  • First response time of Vembu for phone support is lesser than 1 min
  • Vembu’s average First Reply Time SLA is more than 99%


Average Reply Time

Average Reply Time is a key metric where it measures the average time taken for the subsequent replies sent in order to provide a resolution to the customer.

The Average Reply Time of Vembu is less than 2 hours with Vembu’s Average Reply Time SLA being 99%.


Average Resolution Time( L1 & L2 Support)

Time to resolution is the average amount of time, it takes a customer service team to resolve a case after it has been opened. It’s usually measured in days or business hours, so it doesn’t factor in time when the team is off the clock.


While believing in a comprehensive solution for issues ranging from simple to complex, Vembu is able to provide an average resolution within 24 hours.


Resolved( L1 & L2 Support) %

Resolved % is a support metric that measures the percentage of tickets resolved by support. The Resolved % of Vembu is 85% which is very good for a niche technical support.


CSAT Average rating:

Although there are metrics like Net Promoter Score(NPS), Customer Effort Score(CES), one of the most widely known metric is CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) for which a respondent has to express his/her satisfaction for a certain topic on a score from 1-5. Understanding the challenges related to Business Continuity and the priorities involved, Vembu provides Premier Technical Support to all customers for free.


Redefining Technical Support:

We believe that all metrics and the efforts should focus on one thing – providing a permanent solution and hence it is no surprise when a customer support team gets its due recognition from the real stakeholders- the customers itself. We have included a few testimonials received from our customers in the recent times so that the term – redefining technical support is not overrated.

“Vembu’s fabulous after-sales support and response time within 30 minutes is a vital component of its success. They are quick to answer any questions and explain how their products work best” – Dr. Mohammed Al Salem, Dean of computer college, Jazan Universityread more

“Vembu have been a valued partner since starting to use the product around 5 years ago. We’ve consistently seen improvements and upgrades as needed. When we’ve had problems they’ve been there to help, no hard sales and no fuss” – Alan Morris, Head of Technical Services, Cyngor Sir CEREDIGION County Councilread more

“Support is very good. When you call them or send out a support email, immediately someone responds. It’s really good. They come back with an answer immediately. There has never been a time where they said they wanted to do some research on it. The moment I send them an issue, the guys fix it immediately.” – Rajkumar Neelakantan, Director IT, CCG Marketing Solutionsread more

“The support from Vembu is very, very good. These guys have saved my life two or three times” – Thiago dos Santos Nunes – CTO, Digital Informaticaread more

“The product itself is constantly improved and updated, and the Vembu support team is always on hand to assist with problems. Feature requests are taken seriously and usually implemented if the feature will benefit all clients.” – Darrian Cread more


The primary objective of such metrics is to provide quality customer support. The top metrics mentioned in the blog are used to make sure that a customer who contacts the support is given a complete resolution at the first instance. In case, the resolution demands further technical expertise, the subsequent replies are minimized for a better customer experience. It can be said the above-mentioned metrics are much better compared to industry standards thereby delivering positive CSAT experience.

Known for its comprehensive backup solution approach, Vembu caters to the virtualized environments like VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows IT environments and also for Linux, Mac etc. Since the companies are moving towards hybrid deployments, Vembu also provides flexible deployment options like offsite, cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud and also providing option for tape backup.

Also, Vembu offers one of the most complete free edition for SMBs as well. Post 30 days trial version, a user can either opt to purchase the product or continue using the free edition. In Free edition user has two options to proceed with backup configurations : Full featured free edition for limited VMs or Limited featured Edition for unlimited VMs.

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