Yet another great show in the city of Torrance, team Vembu takes immense pleasure in thanking all the attendees for making the show successful.

The previous roadshows in cities like Seattle, Denver, Wauwatosa, Orlando; helped us to understand the present-day bottlenecks of data protection that threatens the IT community.

This time, Vembu Roadshow in Torrance featured a talk on “Overcoming business risks through data protection” followed by a live demo of our flagship offering Vembu BDR Suite.

“Vembu BDR Suite is a comprehensive backup & disaster recovery solution designed to meet the data protection needs of diverse IT environments that include Physical (Windows, Linux, Mac), Virtual (VMware, Hyper-V) and SaaS applications (Office 365 & G Suite).”


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Then, our product experts orchestrated a session to address the different data protection concerns that bother our participants in today’s digital world. This session had many responses which led us to brainstorm solutions to tackle the modern threats.

The newly enhanced Vembu BDR Essentials was the highlight of the show. This package is exclusively crafted for small businesses to protect their VMware & Hyper-V environment. Previously this package can be availed by businesses having 6 CPU Sockets or 50 VMs, now it is extended up to 10 CPU sockets or 100 VMs to cater to the growing requirements of small-scale businesses in the market.


Thereafter, our product expert gave a sneak peek into our roadmap as most of the audience were more inclined to know about our product’s upcoming releases. Vembu is now all set to step into the mid-market.

Vembu has been analyzing mid-range businesses and their complexities in data protection. As a result of those analyzes, we’ve concocted a roadmap that includes the most sought after mid-businesses features like Agentless backup solution for AWS-EC2 instances, storage- level snapshot backup, Spin the backed up VMs on AWS and much more.

All the above-said features are incorporated in our next major releases and will be made available at our trademark “affordable pricing” which no competitor has offered so far for the mid-market businesses.

Vembu’s decision to venture into the mid-market has garnered insiders’ interest and they acknowledged “Vembu as the only alternative to the widely popular High-Availability vendor”.


At last the evening ended on a happier note with food, drinks, and games.

Once again we thank all the participants who made the show successful.

Missed our Torrance roadshow? Vembu Roadshow is yet to hit the roads of the cities – Edina, Marietta, Euless and Rosemount. Meet us in the city near you.

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