Data Protection Dilemma is not new for businesses as the need for data backup & business availability has been discussed for a long time. StorageSwiss’s article, “Overcome the Data Protection Dilemma – Vembu Briefing Note” quite precisely talks about the challenges for firms in adopting a business availability suite and how Vembu overcomes the same. The article begins with a statement by the author that virtualization has simplified the data protection and application recovery process but it has not made it less expensive. The new trend has also made the physical machines seem obsolete creating a myth that organizations have completely replaced physical machines in their infrastructure. On the other hand, there is rise of SaaS applications and hence there is a need for multiple requirements in a data center.

Then there is a major dilemma choosing between legacy applications and modern availability software. Legacy applications cover the whole environment but they do not cater to the modern environments and are expensive too. The modern availability software support latest trends but do not cover the whole environment. Vembu bridges the gap by adhering to the completeness of platform coverage similar to legacy applications and also providing the capabilities of the new class of backup solutions. The article then provides a brief introduction of Vembu right from its inception and how Vembu BDR Suite, its flagship offering is a one-stop solution for all the backup requirements of a data center. That being said, the solution offers backup and recovery to virtual environments like VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Physical Servers, Workstations, MS applications, SaaS applications and much more. Instant Recovery is a critical feature for any business and Vembu provides the same for both virtual and physical environments with recovery to hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and KVM as well. When it comes to storage management, Vembu has an in-house file system called VembuHIVE which offers in-built version control, error correction, scale-up and scale-out as well as data efficiency techniques like encryption, compression and de-duplication.

StorageSwiss’s article concludes by stating that Vembu deserves strong consideration for organizations looking to get more modern features without giving up support for legacy applications.

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