It’s not too long we spoke about the back to back Ransomware attacks causing a havoc in every software industry. Attackers intelligently injected viruses to infect the victim. The victims were denied access from their own data by encrypting it and demanded a huge ransom to decrypt the data. The smart move was when the amount demanded was not in terms of money transferred through the online transaction but rather the Digital Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin helped the hackers play safely while online transaction of money once led the point to the hackers directly. The invisible role played by the bitcoin miners along with the recipient and benefactor is the game changer.

The victims of these attacks were not only demanded money but given a deadline. It worked in a way such that, as the time nears the deadline the ransom to be paid keeps increasing. WannaCry Ransomware saw a timer clock ticking in the content page led after the encryption of data.

This had become common and 2017 witnessed multiple such huge attacks one after the other. As we speak and look back at these events, it important to notice how these attacks have declined over the period of 2018.

All thanks to the digital platforms which created vast awareness about these attacks. Multiple online guides as to the protection of your data from these viruses have all resulted in this decline but analysis of the practices made in the IT industry have brought to light the effect of backups on the attackers.

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When the victims’ data was encrypted and blocked from accessing, and bitcoins were demanded over its decryption code most of the victims did not move forward to pay. This happened because of the backups they had of the infected system.

Talking in reference to the virtual machines which were infected, were all recovered as virtual machines itself. Concepts like Bare-Metal Recovery enabled users to get back their machine and its data from scratch. The operating systems, drivers installed and everything the same way as it was before the infection.

When the so-called victim has already the copy of his entire system where does he remain a victim? The attackers thus faced huge loss as a lot of money is invested to create hacking codes.

The data was only encrypted in the owner’s system and ransom was demanded to decrypt the data and when no response was received from the labeled victim the encrypted data is of no use to the hacker.

Backups at least only promised the recovery of the lost data but the concept of replication literally changed the way backups were looked at.

Replication enabled its users to instantly turn on the replicated virtual machines into the target. This ensured business continuity without any downtime. There are also advanced technologies which automatically detects the production servers downtime or crash or any other type of disaster interrupting the business process and switches the responsibility to the other server replicated in the different host or even in the different network. Always on business is thus ensured even during these attacks leading to the labeled victims safe and smart.

This all resulted in attackers loss. The procedure of creating a virus and injecting it into the victim’s network takes a lot of expensive codes and extraordinary working skills in software. As a result of which the expected output was not received from the industry. Through various analysis, experts concluded these to be the major reason declining the Ransomware attacks in 2018.


These are effects of simple backups. Multiple industries have already opted for Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. When SMBs are taken into consideration there are still a lot who do not choose to have a backup solution due to its expenditure. These type of businesses must learn about the software solution Vembu offers.

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Nevertheless, 2018 seemed to be less hectic in terms of these attacks and so let’s wait to see what the future holds but well prepared with the backups.

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