Below is a list of common characteristics that are said to be essential for any random product x to have its own success story.

  • Quality of the product
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Aesthetic looks

But the actual list of success stories and downfall stories reveals an alter reality that unveils the underlying 4th essential characteristic which is the key essential to taste success on any business and that is customer support.

What exactly is Customer support?

A good customer support is defined in providing a quality support response to queries and issues of a customer during before and after sale of a product. Most of the top companies, marketing experts and consumers have now realized the part played by customer support in customer retention and customer satisfaction for any business.

So managing customer queries and issues is essential, in order to provide a quality support environment for any customer. The requirement of HelpDesk comes on this phase of the success story and is of absolute necessity.

Earlier days of CRM HelpDesk was pretty simple, it acted as a tool to fetch and list support mails of a customer and allows the support team to send a response to their queries; Their work is that simple.

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But as competition among businesses/products heated up over the years, CRM HelpDesk is no longer seen as a simple tool; The functional requirements and expectations of a HelpDesk has grown increasingly high but most CRM HelpDesks in the market still were designed to work only with the basic functionalities and nothing more than that.

What is a modern CRM HelpDesk?

The basic requirement of any modern CRM HelpDesk is to deliver support with the highest possible quality and that too in the quickest way. Hence a CRM HelpDesk should be more than a simple email responding tool.

What exactly a modern CRM HelpDesk expected to do?

  • Prioritizing customer issues deciding which ticket has to be responded first, based on the severity of the issue raised and ranging categories from normal to urgent.
  • Prioritizing tickets of VIP and Loyal customers; integrating CRM HelpDesk with SalesDesk and SocialDesk softwares will help identify the importance of each customers.
  • Generate reports by integrated reporting tools so that support performance can be analyzed and improved.
  • Integration of analytic softwares such as Google Analytics for forecasting and predictions.
  • Integration of issue tracking softwares such as JIRA, Bugzilla to help improve response time of a customer ticket.

Vembu HelpDesk is one such modern CRM HelpDesk that is designed to function along with multiple software tools to provide better support environment for any product. Vembu HelpDesk works with integrated Vembu SocialDesk and Vembu SalesDesk results in the desired output.

To learn more about Vembu HelpDesk, visit: Vembu Helpdesk

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Why Need Helpdesk? – The Vembu way
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