Using virtual mount, it is possible to mount any VM backup or disk image backup in a Vembu VMBackup VirtualDrive. Mouting the backup in Vembu virtualdrive in Vembu VMBackup allow users to access backup in different file formats such as: VHD, VHDX, VMDK and IMG.

It is possible to mount VHD file in disk management and access backed up files and folders instantly. It is also possible to boot VHD, VHDX files in a Hyper-V environment, VMDK file in a VMware vSphere and IMG in a KVM as virtual machines. These can be done in few clicks and is that easy to access your backup in minutes, without any restored data.

Following are steps to mount the backup as virtual drive

Step 1 : You can initiate the mount by listing the backup from the client. If it is a Virtual Machine or Disk Image backup then you see the letter ‘M’ under the action.

Step 2 : Once clicked the ‘Mount’ Icon, you will get the confirmation message to proceed mounting the backup as Vembu VMBackup VirtualDrive.

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Step 3 : Once the backup is mounted as Virtual Drive then you can see the ‘UM’ Icon which facilitates to unmount the virtual drive.




Also you can check your backup server and see the new virtual drive with name ‘Vembu VMBackup VirtualDrive’.

Step 4 : Browse through the Virtual Drive and find the VHD/VMDK folder. The backup data in the folder will be in different formats like VHD, VHDX, VMDK and IMG.


Step 5 : If you wish, you can mount the necessary file in a disk management and get access to the backed up data.


Note : You can also boot the VHD or VMDK available in the Vembu VMBackup VirtualDrive in Hypervisor, if in case you want to check any program data.

If you would like to disconnect the Vembu VMBackup VirtualDrive then you can use the UnMount Option to disconnect the virtual drive.


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How to mount a Virtual disk in few clicks using Vembu VMBackup?
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