Thinking of moving all your physical machines to VMware vSphere and vCenter environments? Then check out Vembu’s free endpoint image backup and disaster recovery solution for desktops and laptops. You won’t have to invest more money and resources to migrate because it is available for free!

It takes just three simple steps to complete migration:

  1.       Configure physical image backup.
  2.       Download Flat-VMDK image file from backup.
  3.       Import it to your VMware host.

Configure physical image backup:

Install Vembu BDR client on the machine which you would like to migrate to a virtual environment. Then go to “Backup -> Physical Image Backup” page and select the target and other default options and run the backup job.


Download Flat-VMDK image:

Go to Vembu BDR backup server centralized console which manages all backup jobs. Navigate to “Server Management -> Select the Client -> and click the Restore icon of the backup job”. Under the option to download the image files, select to download Flat-VMDK file.


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Import Flat-VMDK to VMware host:

Connect the vSphere or vCenter client, upload the Flat-VMDK file and create the virtual machine.

That is it! You have now successfully migrated the physical machine to the VMware environment with minimal downtime.

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Migrate a Physical Machine into the VMware Environment
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