Before merger, Skype had its own management portal, wherein user can be created with their email id and skype nickname and this facility is removed post Microsoft merger. Currently, an Admin doesn’t need to add user separately, and any Microsoft Live account or an Office 365 user account user can be directly managed by Skype Manager portal.

What is Skype Manager?

Skype Manager (known as the Business Control Panel) is a web-based management tool that lets you configure, manage and generate report based on the usage of Skype across your company, all in a single window.

You can invite your employees to join skype, allocate Skype credit and Skype number, you can monitor their usage by generating reports and you can create group departmental or employee level. This blog explains how an Office 365 user account is managed by Skype Manager portal.

Active user

How to add an Skype for Business user in Skype Manager

Login to your Skype Manager and click Dashboard here you can find Add Members click that.
You can give invite your colleagues using their email id or with their skype name.

Add member

After sending invite user will receive Invitation to join a Skype Manager with a link Accept or decline the invitation. Once accepting the the terms and conditions of Skype you will be asked to set up password for your account to continue.

Skype Manager Invitation

Now the user has been registered with Skype manager, you can verify from Members tab in Skype manager.

Skype Manager

Once the user has been registered successfully, you can add Skype credit by navigating to the particular user and click manage credit and add credit to user. There are options to auto recharge the account based on your requirement.


You can also allocate a Skype Number for the user from Skype manager to get the convenience of a local number that people can call.

In Skype manager, the administrator can able to generate reports for a particular user or all users. This report will give the detailed information on usage. For example duration of the call, country name, date, destination, rate/min, duration, total amount of the call.



The easiest way to manage Skype user from one window. Skype manager plays an very important role for those who are managing business users.

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