Linux File server

Linux file server allows to share files from a centralized location in networked Computer. Linux file server uses “Samba” to share files with windows based computers which is an Open Source software. Let us understand about Linux File server using Samba on Ubuntu 16.04.

Install Samba in Ubuntu 16.04

Following are the steps to install Samba in Ubuntu 16.04.

  • Open terminal and run below command for Samba installation
  • sudo apt-get install samba


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  • To access from windows, it is needed to Create a Samba user account and set a password for it
  • sudo useradd username

SMB password

Let us see how to configure a file using Samba.

  • To configure samba file, run this command in terminal
  • sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf

Add this at end of the file:
path = /home/user_name/folder_name
valid users = user_name
read only = no

Save and exit.

  • Run below the command to restart Samba, after file configuration
  • sudo /etc/init.d/smb start
  • Testparm is used to check the configuration file for internal correctness. If the testparm doesn’t specifies any problem, make sure smbd will successfully load the configuration file
  • sudo testparm
  • If the testparm is passed successfully, Samba is working

Granting permission to sharing file

In samba, we will be granting permission to the sharing file.

  • Right-click sharing file->choose Properties->Grant Permission to the sharing file->Click Change Permission for enclosed files
  • samba properties

  • Change Permissions for enclosed files page will display and review properties once and then click change. Now permission is granted to sharing file
  • change permission

  • For sharing this file, Choose Local Network share from Properties->Click share this folder->Click Modify share

Folder sharing

File server using samba

Let us we see how samba server is accessed through windows.

  • In windows, Open run->Enter the samba server IP and click ok
  • run

  • Samba server is accessed through windows and can be opened
  • driver

  • Enter samba user account credential to access the samba server
  • windows security

  • After logging into samba server, shared file is able to access
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    Samba grant platform offers great flexibility to users for sharing.

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    Linux File server using Samba on Ubuntu
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