Vembu VMBackup boasts of a solution which has an easy user interface and hassle-free navigation. Users can navigate this screen by going to ‘Settings’ tab and then click on ‘Manage Network Drives’ will display the screen seen below. Settings -> Manage Network Drives Manage Network Drives Manage Network Drives can map drive letters to the UNC paths of external drives so that drive can be utilised as external storage drives in the storage repository. Once the drive is mapped, the drive letter will appear in the Storage Management and the drive will be listed under storage volume. Here are the steps to be followed to configure Network Drives. Step 1 : Select Manage Network Drives under Settings. Step 2 : Assign a Drive Name, for example X,Y,Z etc , drive path(\\ip address\share name) and the credentials to add the network drive as mentioned in the screenshot below. Note: If you have logged in through the local system logon account, please change the logon user for Vembu VMBackup Service through services. Step 3: Save the configuration with the details and credentials. Step 4: The network drive will be included in Storage Management from then you can select the Storage volume to configure as storage location. Vembu VMBackup Storage Location To learn more about Vembu VMBackup and its features, visit here : Vembu VMBackup Interested in trying Vembu VMBackup? Click here to download: Go questions? Email us at: for answers. Follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds for new releases, updates, insightful posts and more.

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Know how to manage Network Drives in Vembu VMBackup Server
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