And the most awaited week has gone by like a whirl. Back to back interviews, innumerable attendees, competitive participants, enthusiastic audience, exciting giveaways and what not! All that in the most happening city – Las Vegas. Now that it has come to an end, it’s time now to derive the takeaways from the event.

Its 2018 now and there is a 100% knowledge to all regarding the necessity and need for data protection and data backups. So, its safe to say that Backup and Disaster Recovery Industry is in its best phase now. An organization, be it small/medium/big with respect to their data is quite vulnerable on any given day. Hence it is imperative that SMB’s need to have a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery product which offers them near to continuous Data protection which will also be easy on their pockets.


For a typical person, when the need for a BDR product arises, they visit forums and online communities in their quest for a product which will meet their requirements and it goes by without saying that there is always a budget along with the requirement. This situation is devious as the big players are all spread across the forum websites and other industry specific websites so any normal IT admin is tricked into believing that he is buying the best whereas he is paying enormous price for the product.

Thus to reach a larger audience and to meet all backup enthusiasts to constantly improve and update our product features, Vembu has ensured to visit all VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V related events all over the world to spread awareness about using the right product for the right businesses. We were delighted to see a lot of representatives visiting our booth eager to learn more about product. We are thankful to everyone for making our presence at VMworld – Las Vegas, a huge success.

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With the new Vembu BDR Business Essentials announcement and overview of what to expect in v4.0 our Technical Specialists Nagarajan Chandrasekaran and Manickam Ramasamy had quite a bustled week. Here’s a quick Knockdown of what happened in Vembu booth at VMworld 2018:

  • A tech-talk about how Vembu is Simplifying the Data Protection
  • Insight into how Vembu scales as the business size and data grows
  • The best practices in setting up Backup & DR
  • Latest techniques in ensuring Business Continuity
  • A Glimpse on the roadmap and upcoming releases of Vembu BDR Suite

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Key Takeaways from Vembu’s successful outing at VMworld, Las Vegas
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