For a business to function, apart from hard and smart working individuals, admin teams require many software products to help them grow in leap & bounds. Hence, the efficiency of a product plays a major role in determining success.

How does a business choose a product they require?

Few factors that are considered before making purchase decisions are:

  • Advertisements
  • Customer Reviews
  • Socially known person vouching for the product
  • Word of mouth

What if all the above factors are used to pitch a product in people’s mind and influence their purchase making decisions by pulling off extensive marketing tricks and techniques.

Here is a reality check.

How do you realize if you actually need the product or if you’re being made to believe that you need the product?

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What if the actual needs for your business are simple contradicting to the hundreds of articles & thousands of people trying to convince that you need an expensive product with advanced features for the business to function smoothly?

This is happening in the market in recent times.

We, at Vembu, feel a need for luxury is being created and propagated as a necessity in the Backup and Disaster Recovery market.

A simple BDR product can meet the requirements of your business, instead, a sophisticated Data Management software is procured at a significantly more cost even when not all businesses require that. This is our observation about the sudden boom of Data Management software.

We would like to hear your opinions on this.

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Is Data Management an Add-on or Necessity?
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