Stop worrying about your business critical Hyper-V VMs and say hello to VM Power Replication™. This exclusive patent pending feature, bundled with the soon-to-be released Vembu BDR v3.0, helps get critical VMs from one Hyper-V host replicated to another Hyper-V host efficiently and with superior RPOs and RTOs.

During the process, the selected VM from source Hyper-V host is copied to the target host and a VM with the same configuration is created in the target. Any modifications in the source VM get instantly replicated to the VM copy in the target, thus ensuring excellent RPOs and RTOs. VM Power Replication™ also ensures application consistency for all Microsoft applications (MS Exchange, MSSQL, SharePoint).

Multiple replications of a single VM to various hosts at the same time is also possible with VM power replication. The best part?

  • No manual configuration required.
  • Simply save a configuration with a simple VM selection and enter the list of target host(s).

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Hyper-V VM Power Replication™
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