Today’s business have a heavy dependence on applications for their operations and thus look towards measures to keep their applications always available.

Why do applications need to be always available?

Almost every business is reliant on the applications that are running in their environment.

This is because these applications are generating an enormous amount of data critical for business operations.

You might have at least one of these applications – Database, CRM, Email, ERP, E-commerce, or Financial/Accounting application.

Your application is operational and online. Everything seems to be going well.

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Then, there’s a bit of a slip – your critical application goes down.

Now, you’ve got problems.

Downtime of these applications cost you. You could lose Productivity, Revenue, Customer trust, and Brand value.

In order to avoid this, you need to maintain performance and availability 24×7 or nearly so, for your business-critical applications.

Challenges in maintaining high availability for applications

Keeping your system or application highly available is a daunting task.

These days businesses require an agile IT infrastructure for their end-to-end business process and so they rely on a hybrid IT infrastructure – a combination of physical, virtual and cloud.

Your applications might reside on either physical or virtualized servers inside the data center or outside the data center like the private, public & hybrid cloud.

The challenge is in protecting or maintaining the availability of your business-critical applications running on different workloads.

Methods to keep the critical application up and running always

Adopting best practices and solutions that revolve around redundancy and the protection of your infrastructure can help you achieve high availability for your service or application.

Here are a few options to prevent downtime & eliminate losses:

  1. Backup & Disaster Recovery strategy
  2. Replication

Each application needs to be backed up and restored in a unique way to maintain its consistency and integrity. Today’s modern backup and disaster recovery approach let you do that. Also, they enable you to protect critical applications with advanced capabilities to establish a high availability.

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How to protect your business-critical applications?
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