The first open tech conference that Microsoft had put together was in 1993.

They called it TechEd.

It was the year they were proudly showcasing their products from the rapidly growing Word Processing and Spreadsheet applications to the relatively young Graphic User Interface. To put things in perspective, World Wide Web was incomprehensible to the common man at the time.

Fast forward 25 years.

Technology has transformed unimaginably.

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Windows became a part of everyday life and an essential for all businesses, big or small.

Somewhere along the way, in 2008, Microsoft’s take on virtualization – Hyper-V – was introduced, breaking the virtualization market.

TechEd has evolved into Microsoft Ignite- an event that attracts a staggering 30,000+ attendees year after year. This year’s conference began on 24th of September and it has been relentlessly throwing announcements, sessions and workshops at its attendees.

It’s a lot to take in.

But many tech enthusiasts who are actively looking to protect their data and their machines haven’t missed the opportunity to drop by booth#545 and learn about Vembu BDR Suite and all the new features that are going to be a part of the upcoming v4.0 that’s rolling out in the next few weeks.

Vembu’s Product Experts have been meeting waves of people who are looking to understand how Vembu BDR Suite could protect their systems and their data with the increased vulnerability to data threats.

And our experts had a strategy for each one of them.

The common questions and concerns that our experts got from the technically proficient people at a conference that is celebrated as the Edge Of Innovation, was surprisingly, about the pricing.

It was about how Backup and DR solutions, that are an essential part of an IT infrastructure, can still remain unaffordable to many. We knew this would be the case as the need for a backup solution penetrated as far as the smallest business that deals with data. Not every business can afford a solution, when most of the features offered are not even in their use-cases or an unnecessary addition.

This was the common complaint against most of the backup vendors, until they entered booth#545.

Microsoft Ignite

Once they had a look at the various editions – Free, Standard and Enterprise – and the distribution of features according to business requirement, they realised there is still a backup and DR solution that is powerful and affordable. The latest release of Vembu BDR Essentials – an exclusive package priced at half the actual price for businesses with small requirements – made a solid impression on many.

When the conversations shifted towards what we’re offering and what was in store, the true potential of Vembu BDR Suite was revealed.

From the currently offered backup solutions for virtual and physical machines and files/applications to the hybrid disaster recovery options delivered, the comprehensivity of the data protection and the simplified user experience was highlighted.

Roadmap is an important , but oft neglected, parameter in evaluating a product. You’re not just buying a product for what it is, but also for what it is going to be. This is where Vembu BDR Suite’s upcoming v4.0 impressed many a attendees.

The support of backing up virtual machines from Hyper-V Cluster, the extensive reporting and the upgraded User Interface are just some of the features of v4.0.

If you are attending Microsoft Ignite, don’t forget to drop by booth#545 to have a chat with our experts and find how Vembu BDR Suite could handle your requirements and get to know about exciting surprises like Amazon Fire TV Cube and a lot more!

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