Vembu has been striving towards building a robust and affordable Backup & Disaster Recovery product with the goal of developing a single, comprehensive and secure solution to address the various needs of your IT environment.

Here is what we offer:

Our product Vembu BDR Suite is built to protect hybrid IT environment offering VMware Backup & Replication, Hyper-V Backup, Windows Image Backup for Physical Servers & Workstations, Granular File & App backup for Windows, Linux and Mac. Also, Vembu offers a cloud-to-cloud backup solution for SaaS applications like Office 365 & G Suite.

Vembu BDR Suite can be deployed flexibly in any location like on-premise, offsite and the cloud. The centralized monitoring and management portal makes it very easy to handle large deployments with minimal effort.

We have been showing relentless energy in improving the customer experience by providing updates & upgrades in rapid succession. Our latest update- Vembu BDR Suite v4.0.1 addresses the reported issues and other support issues our users faced from the previous build. Along with that, we also have enhancements that are targeted to improve the overall user experience and improve product performance.

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This unceasing energy has made Vembu BDR Suite a successful product fit for small businesses.

But we are not stopping here.

Here is how small businesses can gain from Vembu:

There was a time when small businesses had to either opt for free edition software with very limited features or purchasing expensive software thus, spending beyond their budget for protecting their business-critical data. Vembu, keeping up to our tagline of “No more Backup Complexities”, noticed this gap in the market.

This scenario made us launch an exclusive package – Vembu BDR Essentials for small businesses with requirements up to 6 CPU sockets/50 VMs. Your business grows as time goes, and your infrastructure grows along with it.

So what happens when there comes a time, where your backup requirements exceed 6 CPU sockets?

This made us work towards extending the package limit as it paves way for a lot of possibilities to small businesses where we see a lot of potential & zeal in the market.

We are now extending our exclusive package – Vembu BDR Essentials for small businesses to reduce their data protection expenses.

When all other vendors concentrate on Enterprise businesses with various feature enhancements & offers, Vembu team spearheaded to empower small businesses even more with this update to increase the socket count to 10 CPU sockets/100 VMs. This package comes with different editions each having a set of enterprise-level features and functionalities. Choose the edition that suits your requirements best and pay only for what you use.

Here is how mid businesses can benefit from Vembu:

The mid-market comprises of backup vendors whose main focus is upon enterprise clients thus
forcing the mid businesses to pay more even for features that they don’t require.

This makes Vembu BDR Suite the right Backup and DR product to fill the void created in the mid-market.

Vembu with our trademark “Affordable solution” combined with Enterprise features suited to mid-business is taking the market by storm. We are the only alternative to the highly expensive vendor catering to the mid-business segment without compromising on features or increasing the pricing margin.

Apart from pricing changes, we have a solid product roadmap designed with focussing mid-businesses in mind.

We are partnering with leading storage vendors like NetApp, HPE, and IBM to offer storage level snapshot backups. We also look forward to working with other major storage vendors in the market to offer integration with their storage systems.

Our upcoming major release will bring the cloud replication feature to live, where you can spin your backed VMs as instances in AWS. This gives a huge scope to avoid downtime or data loss during a disaster.

Apart from that, Vembu is all set to provide support to protect cloud-native workloads which will help you perform Cloud-native agentless backup and recovery of AWS EC2 Instances. This feature ensures the protection of your AWS data against accidental deletion, security threats and outages.

Here is how MSP’s can benefit from Vembu:

We believe that customers are our assets, hence any valuable update crafted for our customers has to reach them irrespective of their region. Service providers play a key role in making that happen. That is exactly why Vembu has come up with new pricing & programs exclusively for Service Providers.

With Vembu, Service Providers can offer effective data protection services to their customers while making high-profit margins. To discuss regarding our new MSP pricing plans, please drop a mail at

So, what next?

Our long-awaited opportunity to meet end-users and deliver our product. So, it’s time for us to host VEMBU ROADSHOW.

Yes, you read that right.

We are touring all over the USA choosing each city for a month. We began with Seattle. Just wrapped up a meeting at Denver. Next up, in Wauwatosa.

And, we have more – Click here to know our tour schedule.

Connect → Network → Learn → Develop → Succeed is our goal for the roadshow.
Choose a city near you and give us your time. This meet-up will be the best investment you can do for your business. This is a huge shoutout to all IT enthusiasts out there in the USA.

Grab your free passes right away and swing by our venue for an evening filled with interesting insights, drinks, games and much more. The best part – it’s on us.

All we require is your presence and passion for IT.

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