Modern organizations are more focussed on customer service as they believe that an unhappy customer can easily tarnish the image of the company with social media gaining more and more attention than ever. Alternatively, a happy customer mostly keeps it subtle but we cannot deny that some customers do spread positive vibes about the company only when they are thrilled with the service.

Customer service or good customer service is obsolete now. Customers are more demanding than ever. Most of them want to be swept off from their feet when it comes to service. It just makes the job tougher for the firms who burn out their employees to provide great customer service in all instances. It is definitely a big challenge to keep each and every customer happy and when it comes to extreme customer service, firms are in for a big toss. Let us not deny that some companies have developed a natural flair for extreme customer service and gained loyal customers for life. They do have haters too but are relatively less in comparison with a big crowd of smiling faces.

Companies do a lot of research, hire management consultants, record, audit and what not, to improve their customer service and provide extreme service to their customers but the idea is to keep it simple. There are few ways by which companies can provide great customer service:

a) Product : A good product would always bring in more customers. Some do fool their customers with their innovative marketing techniques but it would not help them for long. To provide a great customer service, you need to have a great product as well.

b) Training : Your employee should be equally excited about the product as much as you. Training doesn’t mean that employee should be learning product development process but the intention of the product- why and for whom. They should get trained as the customer themself, right from the basics covering entire functionality. Imagine you calling for a spa service and the executive at the other end is more focussed on cross selling but lags to provide the basic information you called for at first place. Yes, more revenue is good but not at the cost of losing a customer forever.

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c) Keep things simpler: Simplicity is a much overused term but it still makes sense in the current scenario. Remove roadblocks in your process as much as you can, to make things simpler for customer. Every customer values time and they want things to happen as soon as possible.

d) Build loyalty: Now, this is the toughest of them all and also is a continuous process. To build loyalty, you should ideally sum up the above points and offer more than what your competitor offers. Loyal customers rethink before leaving you and so it is imperative that you build a big army of them to keep your business strong.

You would have probably known everything , what I just shared; but if your customer service department is still struggling to entice your customers, you need to get back to the basics. The point is, that there is nothing called an extreme customer service. It is just building a great customer service unit and asking them to love your customers.

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